"Miss Grey Shorts!"

My little brother’s name is Kevin. But I often don’t actually call him that. To get his attention, it’s “Kade!”, “Vee!”, “Goose!”

Granted, he is 7, and this is only in private correspondence, and I can justify the nicknames (Kade comes from the K, Vee comes from KeVIn, and Goose… well, I’ll have to get back to you on that one). I take the -ie (Kevin–>Kevie) suffix to a whole new level of adherence of syllables. Don’t worry, only with my brother am I this affectionately irrelevant… I am much more rational and related with others’ nicknames, and they are with mine, too.

In Bikram yoga, a name, or any other form of acknowledgement (whether they be random syllables or actually comprehensible), is crucial. The teacher doesn’t walk around the room offering hands-on adjustments, so all corrections must be verbal. And for the intended student to absorb and listen to the direction, the teacher must get his/her attention first. When the teacher knows the student’s name, it’s easy. But when the teacher is unsure, forgets, or didn’t learn the name in the first place, it’s a more tricky situation.

Often, when teachers are uncertain, they take their best guess. My name is relatively uncommon and sometimes difficult to remember; it only has four letters, but you won’t believe the number of variations I’ve gotten in the hot room–I must have heard every possible arrangement at one point or another.

Last summer, a visiting teacher wanted to give me a correction, looked down on the sign-in sheet, saw my last name, and called, “Miss Z—-!” It stuck: for the next few weeks that she taught at my studio, she referred to me by nothing else, and some of my other teachers followed suit. When I think of the nickname, I am immediately reminded of her upbeat personality, spontaneous smile, and engaging teaching style.

When teachers don’t know a student, there are various branches of possibilities–most of them regarding position or clothing. “Girl in the front corner with the blue towel,” “Guy in the second row with the brown shorts,” etc. I’ve taken class at headquarters with Bikram once, and he made references along the lines of, “Miss blue,” or, “Miss grey shorts!”

An inventive or unique nickname can be considerably memorable. What are some nicknames, yours or those of others, that come to mind?

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7 Responses to "Miss Grey Shorts!"

  1. Big G says:

    The name on my blog (Big G) comes from my very first teacher. He still uses it with me in class.

  2. thedancingj says:

    My favorite is still when a couple of my teachers (the ones who are old enough to be my parents) call me baby or kiddo. It makes it feel like a family! Sooo sappy. ;)In one of my first ever encounters with Bikram (the person, not the yoga), I was "MISS RED, WHAT-THE-FUCK-YOU-DOING?" I was SO proud!!Bikram always seems to find a "Mr. Glasses" in his class, but my favorite is when he has a "Miss Bushy-Bushy Hair!" I've heard that one a bunch of times, and it's funny, cause then you'll peek around the room and go, "Oh! It's that girl." Heehee! I think he just likes to say it.

  3. burpandslurp says:

    Haha, SOphia is SUCH a beautiful name that nobody ever forgets it…Hahahaha! But yeah, my friends used to call me Soap back in Singapore…SOPhia…get it? I don't…

  4. ChocolateCoveredVegan says:

    My sister used to call me Tatie, which then morphed into Tejas, and then just Has… she's a strange one! šŸ™‚

  5. louisianagrown says:

    Me and my friends always clothes to refer to guys or random people that we meet or see. Red shirt, striped shirt, green shirt. But we've found that they tend to get a little offended if they hear you. And the last name thing totally makes me think of all the coaches in high school that referred to students by last name only.

  6. The Yolk says:

    That's great… the nicknames are fun. I typically bring one of two towels with me to class. One is a rather garish zebra-stripe towel, and one is a little kid towel with fish and a comic whale on it. I've been called "Kid towel! Zebra-stripe girl!"

  7. lz says:

    J: hahaha, that Bikram anecdote is hilarious! Awesome. He sure has a way with words! Katie: Has? NICE. I do that with my brother's name, too…I have a little too much fun!Louisianagrown: yeah! coaches and their last name references :)Greg: Cool! First teachers do hold a significant place :)The Yolk: Your towels sound fantastic–gotta bring some bold color and patterns into the hot room!!Sophia: Soap, nice! People sometimes call me by the first syllable of my name (Lu) too, but more often they add creative suffixes. I've gotten Lululemon (yeah, the brand name :)) once.

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