The Final Day.

Can you believe that it is already day 101 of the challenge? At first, the number 101 days seemed so daunting, but now, it is April 11, and we’re HERE! Congratulations, everyone!

Maybe you did 101 classes; maybe you didn’t. But really, a number is just a number; what’s most important is that we strove for something great – and we did the best we could. “It doesn’t matter what you did, all that matters is that you tried.”

Tried the right way. (Or tried to try the right way…)

Tried with good intention.

Tried with a willingness to challenge yourself to push past your comfort zone. This could be physical –  endurance or stamina. Or it could be mental – it is only human to hold our beliefs tightly (whether those beliefs help us or not) – and it is when we let go of the beliefs that hold us back and open ourselves to new possibilities, that we grow. We gain courage. We become wiser.

This challenge is different for everyone, so no two people’s results are the same, or even similar. Though tempting, there is no need to compare yourself or beat yourself up about what you did or didn’t do. Whatever you did is what YOU needed. As my studio owner likes to close each class, “Whatever you did is perfect.”

Because it is. It is perfect. We did what we could, we challenged ourselves, we persevered, we strove to be present and let go of judgment and mental chatter. It is so easy to view perfection as this strict ideal – but think about this:

Maybe, just maybe… perfection is just purely giving all you can, in the moment.

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4 Responses to The Final Day.

  1. Yolk E says:

    Congrats to all who finished. It's good to read your posts again, Lz! "Whatever you did is PERFECT"–Amen to that. I needed that this morning.

  2. lz says:

    Thank you, E! I have a few more topics that I want to explore on the blog, so I'll get to those soon – though the challenge is ending, I still plan to keep this blog going simply because it's so fascinating to ponder how many themes that come up in this practice still hold true to our lives outside of the yoga room. Pretty awesome.It's great to have so many people embarking on this challenge at the same time. But 101 days is just a guideline, a common set time period. Personally, I think that fundamentally, this challenge is less about number of classes than effort and intention. Because the whole purpose of this yoga is to bring benefit and hopefully more content and satisfaction 🙂 101 days has ended, but the yoga process will always go on.

  3. aHappyYogi says:

    Congratulations!A beautiful post!

  4. lynxofsilver says:

    Thanks for this lz…it's true 101 is just a number. I, too, believe it is all in the "trying"…and that the trying is actually the doing. Like Yoda said "Do or do not…there is no try".

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